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Top Door Open

Top Door Open

Top door swings open and down for cleaning
Some quick updates now that we have our Gpiggies!

I have covered the ramp with Fleece, & the incline is a bit slippery, so I suggest a mat of some sort for the floor. I think because the side is "open" to be seen inside the cage, they really do not potty in the ramp.

We re-homed babies, so I added a coro lip all around the perimeter of each floor. My 2 month olds can still squeeze through the grid squares.

I took out the "canopy bed" in the loft and added 2 snuggle sacks that we use for lap time as well.

My girls LOVE running laps in all directions and patterns! Happy Gpiggies need long lap routes!
I'm in LOVE with your cage and the fleece combination. Oh my gosh, this is pretty much my dream cage but as a 2x6!

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