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Top Door Closed

Top Door Closed

The top swings open, then can drop down for cleaning
YES DO! I learned soooo much from this community, and I think we came up with a darn good mixed version of everyone's cage plans. Let me quick tell you: I used 4 grid kits, qty 2 of home depot's Twinwall 72x36" plastic sheet (their Coroplast,) a bazillion zipties (both light and heavy duty,) the 1/4 (not 1/8") slide binder clips (I had to buy a 100 pack! yikes- but still worth it, & I may consider mailing a handful to happy cavy parents in need- I used less than 20) 3 yards of 58" fleece, four small L brackets with furniture bumper things to round it off, one large and one medium L bracket for upstairs support, and a few small spring clips for loft support and hammocks. Oh- and HOT GLUE! I got tip right here, and used it to seal the inside corners of the kitchen box, and a glob on the ends of every zip tie end. I put a big glob over the whole zip tie square bit and cut end, then after a few seconds, smoothed the glob with a barely wet finger.

I posted a ton of photos, so hopefully they will help if you remodel! Exterior ramp, a big 3x1 loft, and a private kitchen area- I think a great small footprint style for singles and female pairs.

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