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Tig and Tag's Pad
Pinny Gigs

Tig and Tag's Pad - Guinea Pig Cages

This is the current home of my lovey little piggies, Tig and Tag. On ground floor there is a hidey house, hay rack, hay corner and two water bottles. Upstairs there is a home made cuddle cup, log hidey place and food. The ramp is made of two bent grids covered in carpet. The top floor is also carpet
It's actually a door mat. Loop stitched on the top but the girls don't catch their claws in it. It's also very tough on the underside so they can't destroy it!
I am so jealous! I've tried fleece and litter boxes...ANYTHING so that my boys could have an upper level without shavings, but they are peeing machines.... Nice cage! I like the fiddlesticks hay 'room.'
Good job! It's so neat! And I love the little hay corner in the back of the cage, at least I think it is a bed of hay!

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