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This is my piggies new cage

This is my piggies new cage - Guinea Pig Cages

The bottom part is the girls house I have three girls. The top part is were the boys live. I have two boys but I am fixing to divide the cage cause they are fighting a lot.
all water bottles, food and hay are at the other end of the cage. Both cages top and bottom have two water bottles and two food dishes.
Wow! I love this cage! It's great. I love all the things you have for your piggies. :)
The cat litter boxes are houses. We put pet beds inside covered with fleece so they can get in and out easily. There big pigloos :mad:)
I guess that door doesn't lead anywhere important then, eh?

I love the cage. You have some spoiled little piggies.
I got the cat litter boxes things, that I am using as big pigloos, at petsmart. They also have them at petco.

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