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This is my new cage

This is my new cage - Guinea Pig Cages

It is a 2 by 4 with 14 and a half inch grids with laundry shelfing as a lid
you need a water bottle hay, hidey houses, food bowl, toys, I really like it though, how mant piggies are you going to have in there?
so nice and neat...how many pigsdo u plan on?? i hope just one.... you'd have to get more space for 2.... but 2 is nice so they can keep each other company while yr away... but yeah.... it's still nice :) good job
can't anyone say anything without being critical?
I like it, looks great. I like the green coro and green/yellow fleece.
Looks great so far! I agree with Zeander. People shouldn't be judging a cage or cavy slave ;) without first taking some things into consideration. When you don't know the story or situation, don't bother to criticize.

Good job amfeider, I like it.

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