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The whole complete piggie palace

The whole complete piggie palace

Great job! I love the hidey houses you've given your piggies! Where are they from?
I absolutely LOVE your cage. I'm thinking of doing something similar to this so that I can keep the same square footage but it will take up less space in my house. Plus, it looks as though it would be easier to cat/dog proof if I decide to get another kinda of pet. Way to go!!!
Thank you. This setup takes up most of the room in one bedroom in my house. I have to seperate my 3 boys, they do not get along together. It works, although if they would get along they would have a huge piggie palace. I just cannot talk them into getting along. The hidey I found on the internet. It is a kids play barn. The middle one used to have the ramp in a L shape, but it took up too much room so I added the 1x1 grid sticking out in the middle and scooby just loves it. The first night he was running up and down, up and down and popcorning around.
I LOVE YOUR CAGE! When we buy a bigger house I am thinking of making a cage similar to yours. Excellent job. I adore your hidey houses, just sweet!
Mr. Piddles
I love this one! My two pigs won't get along either and i need to make a bigger cage but still have them seperate so this gives me some great ideas! I also love the barns, our one pig looks like a tiny cow and we really want to find him a barn and paint it red! Great ideas!

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