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The whole cage

The whole cage - Guinea Pig Cages

3 levels (4 if you count the extra 'shelves' or 'mini-levels' at the very top inside), 1 level storage. One piggy front door (very bottom right corner). Many more little doors for my cleaning access. It is in two halves so that it is easily moved (from house to house). It's the most recent cage remo
Very nice remodel. I just added a 4th level and made the cage split in half too. Flip and easy to reach spots since I have long arms. Plus since I'm 5'11 I'm taller than my cage. I wish I could get some cozies like you but I can't find any cheap. By the way my brother has a dresser drawer like yours too. Ironic.
You make a lot of nice cages. I have seen the ones you make, they are very large and look like tons of fun for the piggies.
I wouldn't leave your piggies on that dresser. They can fall off or just jump off and get seriously hurt.

Very nice cage though. Looks like you put alot of hard work into it!
wow you did make a good cage and i know it dosent matter but i think one of the decesed guinea pigs from the past is checking up on the current piggies (right side center of the third section it seems to be an orb of some kind) idk

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