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The Rainbow Haven

The Rainbow Haven - Guinea Pig Cages

2X4 Grid two level - Stacked on plastic crates.
Thanks! I hate the duct tape but that's all we had when making it. Eventually I'll cover it up with white duct tape.
Awesome cage! How many pigs do you have? The reddish and white long haired one that I can sorta see by your hay rack is so cute!!
Thanks guys! I currently have two. One Boar and one Sow. The sow is looking for a new home though. The long haired one is the Boar. He is very cute and very sweet!
I can't put the Boar and sow together. When I built the cage it was along with the thinking that they were both sows (what I was told by the prev. owner), came to find out that the one is a Boar. We don't want to go through getting him neutered so I'm looking for a new home for her. The girls are just more attached to the Boar. That's why he's staying instead of the sow.
I looked into neutering him but we don't have any vets around here that are familiar with this with GP's and the risk of him dieing was too high. The sow is in a good home now and we have a young boar to keep Twist company. So now we have Twist and Smores.
Umm, question is there a cage that holds 6+ cavies. We cant serperted them or they die. (tried eariler before) My mom wants to get rid of them but we need, a cage that can be afford for $40.

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