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The piggy palace

The piggy palace - Guinea Pig Cages

I love these cages, they are super easy to build and so much better than store bought. My pigs are always popcorning around and loving it. I am so thankful for this website!
Thank you! I was only able to find them online and they are the cheapest on ebay. If you do a search for 14" collapsible storage cube you will find they are 7.49 for a set of 2. Target also has them but they are 14.99 for 2.
I scoop some of the litter out of the pans about every third day. The fleece gets washed about every 5 to 7 days.
Yes, it is actually red and it also comes in blue. They sell it at walmart with the tunnel included. I think it was only around 7.00.
My pigs have the same cube and tube for floor time. They got it for Christmas and it's called "Small Animal Playground".

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