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The PERFECT Hay rack!

The PERFECT Hay rack! - Guinea Pig Cages

I found this at the Dollar Store! It's actually called a bird suet holder, but wow do my pigs love pulling hay from it. I refill it just about every other day.
Great idea! It looks like they could do with a bit more hay in it though, unless there is more elsewhere in the cage. Gorgeous piggy, by the way!
I have the exact same one! Only aparently I got gipped, LOL, I paid 4$ for it at the petstore. On I broke one of the sides so it just kinda sits open a bit, lol, but my Nismo loves to run under the opening like a tunnel :p
i like it however my pigs wouldnt take the time to pull the hay between the grids, they are inpatient buggers!
I use the same thing!! I change my pigies hay rack every now and again so it keep the piggies content :)
I have one of those too! I got one from the grocery store for 1$. They are great hayracks!
I have those, too! I have a bin under each suet feeder full of Carefresh so when they eat hay they sit in litter and it contains some of their mess (the girls more than the messy boys).
Have one too but, as mentioned above, i think its too hard for impatient piggies to get hay out of.

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