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the girls three level cage

the girls three level cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is the girls 3 level cage. right now we are piggie sitting for some friends on vacation so the cage is a bit crowded but they all get along fine the cage has a 3 by 3 bottom level a 3 by 2 middle level and a 3 by 1 top level with food and water available on every level also we used some of the
I love it, how many pigs do you have they are sooo cute, i love how some are laying down!! :) :)
Right now we have 18 piggies in the picture you can see Rose the black and white one. Fluff is lying next to Rose (she's the fuzzy white one Doolittle is the brown and white one in the back (she's a 3 legged piggie and one of the sweetests. in front of her is Cream with Vanilla lying over to the side. they are both Doolittles children then the small black and white one is licorice and the small white one is Rain they are Becky's babies. Not visiable are America, Stripes, Midnight, Casanova, Sally, Liberty, Champion, Oreo, Cotton, Spangle. they are evenly divided between boys and girls and the only problem we have is between Rose and Midnight who do not seem to be able to get along and fight every chance they get which is why they are kept in seperate cages.
Not all the pigs live in that cage. We have 3 other cages just like that one and the piggies are in each of them. Currently there are 18 piggies in the house 3 belong to my sister in law and we are watching them while she is on vacation 4 are not full grown yet ( just over a month old) which leaves 11 adults which are divided up among the remaining cages in addition we have 2 store cages (i know yuck) but they are the largest commercially available and the piggies are usually visiting each other either in the different cages or during floor time. They get the living room from noon till 5 every day. So most of their cage time is spent relaxing or sleeping.

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