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The cage

The cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Great cage. You know, before I knew better, I had my piggies in a ferret cage with multiple levels and side-less ramps. They loved it, ran up and down the ramps, never fell off the sides and loved it. Now I am building my ramp with sides and ensuring that my levels are safer, but my piggies did just fine in those digs!!!!!
fantastic cage and I love the color scheme. I too have a loft that is 6 panels long. I took 2 old drop rugs and laid them on the panel then for a railng I rolled- up the edge of the rug and it works fine as a railing. Since my boys have been in their home, they've never fallen off from it. I actually bought another box of grids to make my cage bigger. I'm exited because it's fun and even more I am going to a guinea pig rescue tomorrow to rescue a piggie. I want my 2 boys to have a playmate. Please wish me luck. love lynne
How do you clean under the 2x2 loft? I would love to do it, but I can barely go get under my 1x2

Please pm me

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