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The Bachlor Pad

The Bachlor Pad - Guinea Pig Cages

Here is the new home for the 4 boars. They now have a 2x7 on the lower level of this stacked cage. I will be adding a few more things here and there for them but it will pretty much stay the same for a long time.
Below their section is a storage area, well actually litter pan areas for the cats. Ab
Your rating my cage a 7.00 cause it looks small. Did you not read the discripiton of my cage. It is a 2X7 which is way larger than a normal cage size for the number of pigs that are housed in it. 4 pigs to be exact. Please redo your math cause a 2x7 is over 8ft in length.
I love your cage. I'm thinking of trying this out it looks like it might save some space for me by putting one on top of the other like that. Of course it want be as long as yours.
Thanks for the positive comments. I recently lost one of my boars on the bottom so now there are 3 boys on the bottom and there are 3 sows and 1 neutered boy on the top section.

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