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Thanks for your great ideas!!! We did it!

Thanks for your great ideas!!! We did it!

Our pig LOVES his new cage. It is 2x4 grids with a 3 grid upper loft. We built a 2x4 base of grids connected with cable ties to lay over the three sliding drawer storage units to serve as base. We made the ramp by bending up 2 and 1/3 squares with 2.5 squares for each side and the rest in the ce
Very nice, nice colors and like the ramp. You might change your mind not having coroplast up the sides some on the upper level cause they like to back up poo and tinkle off the side sometimes. Or maybe thats just mine. Great cage!
Cavy Cuckoo
I don't use coroplast for mine..I just use alot of layers underneath. Mine have never tinkled off the sides or anything. Now they HAVE kicked poos out but I just vacuum every day and it works fine. But if you use mesh grid the only problem would be the peeing if you have that problem. ;)
Cassidy forever
On the second day I had a 2nd level my piggy,cassidy, backed of the edge and tinkled of the edge and my mom gave me a piece of her mind!

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