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temporary outdoor pen

temporary outdoor pen - Guinea Pig Cages

this is my pigs temporary pen that i am using while we are trying to plant more grass in there normal pen we are not sure if the grass seed would be poininous but its better to be safe then sorry and not put them in it until the garss is fully grown
You have VERY beautiful piggies! I think it looks fine for now, and I am glad you are trying to grow more grass because it shows how much you care for the piggies and the enviorment <3
try to do some cold beds! put some plastic bags that are filled with ice cubes and on top of the bags put a fleece blanket... it will not be too hot!
thats a great idea but i dont really need to do that...i only take them out when its nice out or late at night so its ushally between 68 and 75 degrees but i wish i had that idea when we went camping and the aircondition in our RV went out and we had to buy cold water bottles from the campground store who totally ripped us off.
Ya I know but I donot use it anymore. I built them the big one finally, it seems like I had to wait for ever.
Oh the dog wouldnt block a bird of prey, You couldnt body block them either for one they could just run off anyway and the bird would "foot" you this is when they get angry and lift there feet up and stick there talons in your face! (very common in red-tail buzzards and red-tail hawks)

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