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Swirl & Ginger's New & Improved Cage

Swirl & Ginger's New & Improved Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

I decided to build my piggie's cage up, & have the extra storage underneath instead. (My mother has a hard time bending down on her knees to feed the pigs when I'm away, so I thought this would be the perfect solution.)
This is absolutely beautiful. I love how nice & neat everything is, and all of your storage underneath! What aa wonderful way to give all your cavy "stuff" a place to go & help your mom out at the same time.

Might I ask if they use the tunnel? I've looked at these, but wasn't sure if it would get used.
Why, thank you! =]

Umm. I just got the tunnel for Christmas, & they loved it the first day...but now they just like to run & sleep under it. Haha. We'll see though...
Great cage! I have 6the same tunnel tube thing, mine allways go through, i think it depends on what kind of thing your piggies like. :)
Wonderful cage! I think the white makes it look cleaner already, and the carpet is so nice =) Lovely piggies too! I love the Vacuum, I have one similair to that...Does your charge, or do you have to plug it in? How much was it? Does it work pretty well?
It's so neat and clean. Love the storage underneath and the bins to keep things organized. I love it. :)

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