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Starter Cage

Starter Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

There cage is in my living room. I haven't have my piggies for too long, but I think this is a good starter cage. They love to hide in there houses. But they can't go up their ramp, because it is too steep. Soon we will make the ramp less steep. If you look carefuly you can see my piggie Squiggy.
Looks good but add another grid on the top level to keep them from jumping. Maybe two grids zip tied together to leave no room to jump. Also you could put a brick undernieth the ramp, that would make it less steep and they could just jump onto the ramp. And I'd also like to suggest a different method of supporting the upper level, maybe a small plank of wood you could put through the grid holes underneith the loft? That would give it a lot of support if you got one thick enough and it would also give more running room. =)

I soon will add some more stuff.

For some reason they never run. The only time they run is if they are scared, or if we pick them up when they don't want to be picked up.

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