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stage one of 3

stage one of 3 - Guinea Pig Cages

Stage 1, complete:
2 x 4 grid squares, stacked 2 high, each.
Secured with zip ties.
Lidded top.
2 "rooms" upstairs.

Stage 2:
add coroplast flooring on both levels.
add ramps to each upper room.
add flooring to ramps.
add guard rails to sides of upper rooms and ramps.

Stage 3:

re: grid size

that's the size the shelves came in from Target... I realized after I got home. I actually like it, though. I added coroplast guards up on the sidewalls, 6" tall, so they can't climb out of the big spaces. I need to get new pics up!
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it i wish i had your cage i would make it like yours cause yours is the best cage i have ever seen in the whole intire world!!!!!
Just be careful a pig has already gotten it's head stuck in one of those squares and died.

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