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Squeaker in his cage

Squeaker in his cage

Squeaker likes to come to this corner and get my attention while I'm working. This cage is in my office.
I'm in love with your kitchen area O.O

Gives me an idea about what Im gonna do about all the left over carefresh I'm gonna have after I put in some fleece
Very cute pig :D
I love the kitchen/hay area with the purple carefresh. Must be easier to clean that way!
Your house looks awsome and i love your piggy! I'm thinking of posting some house photos but im afraid you guys wont like it because its a store bought cage with a top my friend gave me. She was going to use it for her pig, but they ended up getting 2 piggies so i got a cage!
I think this is a great set up! I hope you don't mind but I think I'm going to steal your idea about using a divider to make a kitchen area! What kind of divider is it? The only thing is I don't see any food or water in your cage. Did you take it out for the picture?
Very cute cage and piggy! Question, I have been looking for a long table like that one to put my piggie's cage on.. Where did you get it??
I absolutely LOVE the little umbrella in the corner, and the kitchen. It is all adorable! Excellent job! Love it!

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