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Split Cage
Suede Fresh

Split Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is Swavys and Kaeotos cage. It is 4X6 grids and is split down the middle for seperate housing (The boys don't get along at the moment). The 2 white squares on either side are hinged doors for easy litter changes.
Suede Fresh
For right now its only one pig to each side. I hope that at some point the boys will get along, and I will be able to remove the middle and have one open cage. If not, I guess I will have to try a different companion for each of them (Swavy just doesnt seem to like Kaeotos company)
Suede Fresh
oh and I did plan on getting another pig or two at some point. gotta introduce them slowly though.
Suede Fresh
It is actually in the basement right next to my room. It is just as warm as the upstairs. The piggies seem happy there, plus its a great place for them because I am always down there on my computer and doing homework. I can take them out and have floor time with them all the time XD

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