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Spiffy Cage

Spiffy Cage

Here is my current cage. It was originally to be a four level cage, but the basement has been sectioned off into a "bachelor's apartment" for Bubba until he can be neutered. Mary, Yvonne, and Thea share the top three levels. I didn't use traditional ramps, but took the idea of bunkbeds and
What a mansion! How hard is it to keep clean? More than enough room for 4!...Good job!
Do you have a closer view of the steps and how that works for more than one level? Are you going to connect the basement to the rest once the boy gets neutered?
All that for 4 piggies!? Wow! Lucky piggers! Great cage though! I have 3 pigs in a cage smaller than your bottom level lol Space doesn't allow any bigger for me unfortunately
wow! i wish i had that much time (it took me about 4 hours to take down my 2x5 cage and make a 2x7 cage think how long it would take me to make that) NICE job
I have a question.... How do you keep the second level from caving into the first level?? And do you just use fabric (fleece) from any craft store?? How do you clean it! (stick it in the washer/dryer?) (buy more?) ?? Hope I am not to much of a bother, I have never built a C&C cage before and I never thought my cage was to small for my guineas until I went on this site and started to research it. Its not even half the size big enough for them!! Hope you can help I would appriciate it!!
Tracy Gifford
wow this cage is awesome :) i'm new to c&c cages and in the process of building my first one and now i want to bye more grids cause mines tiny compared to this. I Love it x

They probably used grids as flooring and put down a board or some sort of surface to cover the grids then topped it off with colorful fabric.
Hope this helps! :)

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