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Small Pen

Small Pen - Guinea Pig Cages

This is the small pen I bought from petsmart for ten dollars. I normally only use it when I'm cleaning because it's actually smaller than there cage.
I have the same, but I want higher one, because both my cavies are able to climb over it with ease (they seem to love breaking out). Who said Cavies can not climb??
Mine also climb over it and love having me chase after them around my room... little buggers.
I mostly just use it as a border from their cage to the wall, to keep them in their "floor-time" area. It seems to work just fine in that manner. But I have a feeling some day they'll want to see what's on the other side of the wall...
~Chris S.
I have the same cage and I use it a lot for floor time. It is also smaller than their cage, but they seem to like the change of scenery. I have 4 piggies, 2 in one cage and 2 in the other...so they like to come out and play with eachother in the play pen.
I have that cage too but they easily climb out and run wild around my room. They love to poop under my bed where I can't easily clean it!! So I ditched that thing and made a floor pen out of cubes.
I was going to purchase this for my piggy, but since I see the problem of the piggies climbing out, I might try something else. lol
I have this, but my littlest pig jumps out like a flying squirrell! So I retired it after I adopted her.

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