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Slap's cage
Slap Maxwell

Slap's cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Three levels. The front is mesh grids so shavings don't fly everywhere. Bottom has much needed storage.
It is really nice! All of your piggies are so cute. I like all the toys and things to do in thier cage, that is how my piggies cage is.
Great job. I really like the light fixtures. Are those rope lights like for Christmas? How many piggies do you have? Looks like four?
The light is a rope light that I got at Kohl's. It helps lighten the bottom level, and of course, I have made sure the pigs cannot chew on it. They don't have any desire too anyway. I have five pigs, the cage will soon be expanded when I move next month.
Lina is living with Sabriel right now.

Yes, a 2x6 is big enough for five. Its the min. Bigger would be optimal, but again, I have to wait until I move next month.
Great cage! I need to find some rope lights. Lina's Loft makes things shady down below.

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