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Side view.

Side view. - Guinea Pig Cages

This is my current cage. I built it for my first pig, a couple of months ago. Unfortunatley I lost the boy, and have since found a young boar pair. They are small enough at the moment to share, but I will soon be rebuilding. I do use coroplast, unfortunatley my fiance scored wrong and now it is
I love it!! But what you can do is use that extra grid underneath of the cag to make it bigger :)
The ramp really isn't that steep. They go up and down it quite easily. They went right up it there first time in. Never any complaints.
Nice cage!
My guinea pigs have a ramp that steep, they all go up except for the one with arthritis. My ramp has little steps though.
The ramp is FINE. Love the pink, even though I don't really like pink, lol. It really matches with the room! Great work!!!
This Cage Rocks. I love the simplicity of it. Also the color scheme rocks and goes well with the room. Its so clean and sleek. I wish my piggies kept their cage that clean.LOL. I had a ramp exactly like that and what I did when they got picky was added a drainage tube/garden irragation tube (from lowes garden center) on top of it, and cable tied it. This way they have more traction, and it makes a cool sound when they go up and down. Your piggies sure are lucky to have a great mamma like you. Have fun!

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