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Side view of attached ramp #2 of 3
Slave to the Wheek

Side view of attached ramp #2 of 3 - Guinea Pig Cages

This shows how I attached two panels together. They are zip tied together very tightly all around with about 8 tiny zip ties. If you use the mesh panels like I did, then you have to use very small ties, as larger ones won't fit through the holes.

The area where the ramp is attached was neccessary
me three! and also, did you break any of the mesh grids while bending them?(just wondering how breakable they are if i want to make a ramp)
Hmm it's weird that I don't get e-mails about all the nice comments! The Mesh grids came from "Linen's and Thing's" which is now out of business. They have been such an awesome thing to have around. ALTHOUGH...I shred my fingernails on them if I accidently jam my finger into them, so I made sure to protect piggie feet whenever I use them.

I sure wish I knew where to get more!
Check on Ebay for "Seville Classic 4 Cube Mesh & Grid System" - I have just ordered some, the 'shelf' grids look like the same mesh as the ramp.

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