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Side Shot showing ramp of a 2x3 on top of a 3x5 cage
Slave to the Wheek

Side Shot showing ramp of a 2x3 on top of a 3x5 cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This was a lot of trial and error. The top cage is centered over the lower level. The top level is self contained and can be removed by simply picking it up piggies and all.
It's attached at the connectors with industrial strength velcro. NOT for a house with kids or pets!
I love it!!!! Question: why is there regular grids and then a mesh ramp and corner pieces? Did you run out of grids? lol just asking
Slave to the Wheek
oh..we were going to make that the hay area but then changed our minds later..never did change it back..
Good Catch!

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