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Shh I'm sleeeping

Shh I'm sleeeping - Guinea Pig Cages

Is there anything worse than a furry animal that's cute and knows it?
I was bored, so I changed your picture a little - so there's no poops!!

Here's the link:

Anyways, other than the poops, the picture is ADORABLE!!
Aw! I can see now why he was pouting in the other photo!

Did you make the pillows? I might have to make some for my piggers..

Buttons- that was some great photo editing! :D
Yup, I just made them. I can wash them with everything else (and throw them out when they get too gross). They have a variety of sizes and usually sleep on the bigger ones (or in their cuddle cups) but the tiny pillows fit in the tunnel better.

They are spoiled rotten!
How ADORABLE that picture is!!! What a cutiepie piggie you've got.

I love your pillow idea so I made one for each of my piggies too. I stuffed mine with old pantyhose so they can be washed over and over. A friend of mine let out a huge belly laugh when I mentioned that I sewed some piggie pillows. Ah, let 'em laugh ... the piggies love their new pillows, so that's all that matters!

buttons, what program did you use to change the background on that photo? I love it!

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