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Shelving turned into hidey spot

Shelving turned into hidey spot

This is a little shelf I purchased and made a pillow that sits on top of it. It was too tall for the pigs to climb up so I bent the legs slightly to lower it.
great idea. Arent you afraid that their little feet may get caught in the grid since the pillow doesnt cover it sufficiently?
The pillow actually covers it sufficiently when the pillow is attached all the way down in 6 places, but I am having problems figuring out a way to attach it to where they won't chew the strings it's attached with. Also, right now they mainly lay under it and rarely even get on top of it.
Thanks Tasha but I had come up with a solution this morning. I took some floral wire and attached it down in 10 spots, 4 on each side and one on each end and I had noticed they were eating the plastic coating off the legs so I cut it all off. I will take a new picture and get it uploaded soon.

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