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Samson and Spooky

Samson and Spooky - Guinea Pig Cages

My cat Spooky decided Sam's fleece bedding was comfortable enough to take a nap in. Sam and Sassy didnt mind they had lettuce to keep them happy.
cool cages, Your room most be packed. You probally can't wait till it gets warmer. lol.
That corner is packed, the rest of the romm is pretty open though. I like having them inside a lot better. I worry about them less.
I would like it also becuase you would not have to go outside to get them and you won't have to worry about them every 5 seconds.
Yeah. My olderboar Salem died on Monday :( . Now I dont need two cages. We are moving soon anyway. Thats why I havent gotten coro yet. I havent figured out how big my final cage is going to be.
Great cage

aww, I'm sorry for your loss... I know how it feels, I lost one of my girls last Saturday. Its hard, and I am thinking about you.

If you are one of the people worried about my other pic of Sam outside, This is what he moved into when it got too hot outside. He is now in an even bigger cage, I just havent got any pics up yet.

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