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Running around the new cage

Running around the new cage

I put him in his remodeled home and he decided to run laps around the pigloo
You did a great job on his cage! Two suggestions. As stated above, it isn't recommended to feed your little one yogurt drops. Also, it looks like he could fit his head through those grids. Do you have any extra grids so you could double them up and make the wholes smaller?
The grids are the 9x9 hole ones
and if yogurt drops are so bad why do they sell them??

Why does everybody have to find something negitive to say about everyone's photos?

Good job on the cage, he must love all the room!! :)
You can feed them yogurt drops once in a while. As humans we shouldn't eat junk food, but we do. It's not going to kill him. And secondly those are 9x9 grids, he can hardly get his nose through them, I don't think you can even get smaller grids than that.
great idea cutting the side off of the white trays, i used to use those but my pigs would step on the side and flip it on top of them and then they were too scared to go near them. also very cute piggie!
I was experimenting and cut the edge off one hoping he would use it to walk in. He was also flipping his trays over. Then tonight after I finish cleaning his cage he steps on the side and flips it over anyhow. haha! Silly piggie.
I agree with Ash-Ro060708 about the yogurt drops. I find it annoying to be honest.
Don't give them yogurt drops, don't give them salt licks, don't give them those edible huts, don't use pine shavings. I mean, if those things harm your piggie so badly then why do pet stores sell them?
Also, the comments like, "Where is the water bottle/hay etc..." you HONESTLY think somebody on this site would deprive their piggies of those things?
i have the same yogurt drops, I give my piggies 1 each maybe once or twice monthly.

Very nice cage!

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