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Rosie and Ella's New Pad

Rosie and Ella's New Pad - Guinea Pig Cages

I wanted to open up Rosie and Ella's cage to allow more running room, so I made there 1X2 loft area there sleeping room, which made the bottom 2X3 area wide open. Upper deck includes 2 igloos, 1 water bottle and fluffy towel and fleece bedding. The main level includes 2 water bottles, a large hay ra
what is the top level made out of? i need to add a level for my piggies, but i have no idea what to make it out of!

The top floor is made first with grids to allow for suport then I laid down coroplast. I used peices of coroplast to help make some walls in the front so my piggies would not fall.

Everything was tied down with cables ties afterwards so nothing would come apart.

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