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Rolling Coroplast #10: End Result

Rolling Coroplast #10: End Result - Guinea Pig Cages

Cavy Spirit volunteer, Karen, with end result of a full sheet of rolled Coroplast.
Wow I bought a sheet of Coro for that size and while I heard it could be rolled I guess I wasn't trying hard enough... I had to carry it flat for 700 metres back to the bus stop and then the bus drivers wouldn't let me on. I had to call my dad to pick me up from the other side of town. If only I'd known! xD
You know you could step inside it and stick on an advertisement! That would get some laughs.
The coroplast I got for our cage was not so cheap. I think I may have gotten taken as I paid close to $75 for a piece cut down to fit in our car. We have a cage and extra for flooring under play time so... meh.

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Rolling Coroplast
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