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Rollin' The Hay

Rollin' The Hay

You can find rollin the hays at some pet stores, and it's fun for the pigs. I attached it to the cage with pipe cleaners, so it rolls more easily.
Sorry, I meant to leave a comment with that! (oops)
I think that's a GREAT idea for a hay-holder! Where did you get it?
cavy craze!
I have the same one as you (even the same color) and I hated it. Whenever I was stuffing it, the hay always fell out before I managed to get more in. When I looked in the cage, the hay was all over the floor. It is really messy. How do you fill yours up? That's a good idea though.
Anyone who decides to get this, be very careful! See how the door is opened, we started using a small binder clip to shut ours, My little Rose climbed in and got stuck. I had to take the whole thing apart. Luckily enough we were right there when it happened. Other than that it is a great hay ball.
My pigs never really figured out how to get the hay out of theres. They would only grab the hay that was sticking out. I stopped using it.
I have this too, same color. It's kind of annoying because the door won't shut and it's hard to stuff it without making a mess.

As for getting guinea pigs stuck, the sides (purple sides) pop off so it's not a life or death situation. Annoying, but not dire.
I have this 2. I took one side off it and kinda made it into a bowl and stuff it with hay. It works great that way, stays on the side and keeps the hay off the floor. My piggies would not eat the hay out of it when it was all put together...

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