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Rodent Paradise

Rodent Paradise - Guinea Pig Cages

Our connection of Crittertrail and Hagen cages for our female mice, which we currently have 18 of.
Oh my GAWD!! I just looked at that, and was stunned! How much did that cost? It's amazing! I love it! I WANT IT!! o_O
How in the world do you clean all that and take it apart!!!
That is absolutely awesome and I think your crazy!
Does it go around the wall on one shelf? That is pretty cool. How many hamsters live there?
I don't think that is how many cages she has just combined pictures becuase I see some of the same cages more then once, but it is still very cool.
Yeah, I think Myspoiltpiggies is right, I see the same cages with even the same records hanging. Whats up, Amytrip?
I still like the way you joined more than one cage.
wow That's some luck mice.
Look amazing and that would be fun to clean...lol

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