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Rocky's new cage

Rocky's new cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Well he really didn't need a cage, he does have his own room.He seemed to want to get up high so we build it so he had levels to hop up too. It's only closed do to the fact that the cat was in there checking things out. There are still little improvement and add ons we will be doing but he loves it!
Great job. I love the size of the cage. It looks like a smaller version of mine (I have more bunnies to entertain though) Looks nice and comfy. As far as ramps go, you wouldnt believe how steep they can be for them to get up easily. I have looked at mine and wondered how they do it, but they seem to like them a little steep. All I can recommend is a hammock. Most people dont think of them for bunnies, but every rescue bunny I have taken in and my personal rabbits love theirs. I had to make a 3 foot long one for my big cage and they all pile in.
I've been thinking about a hammock!!! Binky is a weird happy dance, it almost looks they they are having seizures while they run and jump in the air..it's quite funny!!! I've thought about making it even bigger, but he gets the room to roam....maybe a fourth level at some point, just cuz he loves to run up & down it!
lol another level? your rabbits a little spoiled brat isnt he? IMO you should have another floor instead of it being bigger
great job anyway
aww :( well just height wise cuz he loves the ramps to run up & down, we have enough material left over...someone needs to spoil him...he had it rough before me!
it's so easy to make whatever you want with these CC cages, you can just add on all the time, and it's so fun to rearrange them.
you did great!

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