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rescue pig

rescue pig - Guinea Pig Cages

This is Pigster, Chubbs' brother. He's a big piggy too...weighs 3.75 pounds. Chubbs and Pigster are both American satins and are 1 1/2 years old, probably 2 come March of 2008. Their buddies Ben and Jerry will both be 1 year old come March.
pigster passed away last night September 20, 2010 at approximately 1045am.
Pigster was a rescue piggy. He was sweet, very timid, really loved his treats. I gave him a great home....outdoor time, hugs and cuddle time, great food and tons of space for he and his companion Ben. Pigster turned out to much older than we initially thought. Xrays revealed crippling arthitis, bladder stones...one passed while at the vets. He quickly declined due to increasing arthitic pain. Because his eating decreased despite he was recieving critical care and fluids, his cecum began filling with air which would of increased the chance for bloat.
He is will always be missed and will be buried next to his brother, Chubbs, in front of our small fish pond. I love you Pigster, thankyou for coming into my life. I hope I see you again with Chubbs and Paddington.
Love You

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