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Rembrandt and Old Bean

Rembrandt and Old Bean

Bean tries out the new bunk bed while Rem examines the new litter box.
Is that carpet? Mine would wreck it. Does your use the litter box or just sit in it? I'm buying one next time I go shopping!
where did you get the red fabric and the floor fabric because i have gone everywhere and they dont have fabrick thinck like thatand i am not going with what my cousin told me spend 100$ on a comfortor and cut peices out
Yeah, I was going to ask the same thing Mr.Ginns1...I have a pottie for them, but they don't use it ! When they were in the small store cage, there was a litter pan and one of my piggers would use it, but I took it out because it took too much space...And now that my new cage has enough space for a potty, none of them uses it...I have tried everything (well...not really...) but I pick up the poop (with a spoon XD) and put it in their pottie so they understand but it doesn't seem to work.
There is really no way to potty train a guinea pig but some just go in it by themselvs with out any training.

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