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Ramp in quarantine cage

Ramp in quarantine cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is the ramp i have in my Qurantine cage. Its made of 3 pieces of grids. The top ramp covers a drop of about 12 cm than the flat area stands about 30 cm high and is made of an over turned draw from my brothers wardrobe shelving sysytem. On top of it is a peice of fake fur my piggies love to slee
im very sorry but that cage is not well sized. and its not good when the cage is on the floor. doesnt he have any bedding? what a waste of blankets, if he just urinates on it.
looks good to me. Boom you need to search through the forums to understand why people use certain types of materials as bedding. And it is not a waste of blankets. She stated that this is a quarintine cage which is just a temporary housing for the pig.

Nice job BeBe.
He is on Flecce. Its a type of bedding some people use. I use it in a TEMPORARY QUARANTINE cage because its easily washed, its soft and safe and theres less chance of infection being passed. I can also moniter pee and poop output.

Considering theres only one pig in there, that is a good sized cage it measures 120 cm x 70 cm. Which is equal to 3.5 x 2 grid cage. There is no problem with the cage on the floor. The main part of the cage is out of site up on the table.

Thanks kittnkar

I also agree that the cage is good size for a quarantine cage and fleece bedding is great for monitoring pee and poops. Great job!

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