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Ramp base #3 of 3
Slave to the Wheek

Ramp base #3 of 3 - Guinea Pig Cages

This shows how I took coroplast and cut it to go UNDER the thick fleece on my ramp. This distributes the weight and prevents joint where the two panels panels meet from taking all the pressure. It also prevents bowing as they go up and down the ramp. Any STIFF, waterproof product would work. The ide
This is just the base of the ramp..do not use it without covering the plastic of course. Please see the other two pictures I've posted to see the complete ramp set up. The coroplast is actually zip-tied to the ramps. This is important because it allows for the center section which is simply two grids zip tied together, to have an important support. This keeps the ramp from bending in the center, and stressing the joint.
As I read this I was thinking how cool it would be to build a slide my piggers could use to come down from my upper level. After finishing the reading rugg burned testicles made me kringe. I will 86 that idea before it happens.
Nice ramp!

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Easy Ramps - How To
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