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Puppy's Palace 5

Puppy's Palace 5 - Guinea Pig Cages

Puppy's palace as of Feb 2005. There is room for storage on the bottom left and his access door is on the bottom right. His litter box also has a door that opens for easy cleaning. The top floor is his sleeping room. The middle floor is a play area and the bottom floor has litter box food and water
I think your cage is VERY nice, well done. The only thing about it thats iffy is, can your bun stand upright in the cage? Buns are supposed to be able to sit up without their head touching the top. Other than that its awesome.
since I had taken these pictures I actually have opened up the left side of the cage and shifted the 3rd floor 'bedroom' over to the right. He has a nice big area that is open.

I kept thinking that dutch bunny doll was real. At first I thought it was a baby. Then I was amazed at how fluffy its tail was. Then the eyes seemed a little weird....

mini rex - he is lovable and loves to play. I tell everyone that he is my "cat, dog, goat" all in one. Goat - since he tries to eat just about anything! Cat because he races around like a cat on catnip and dog because he loves to play ball and get skritches.

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