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Puppy's Palace 4

Puppy's Palace 4 - Guinea Pig Cages

Puppy's palace as of Feb 2005. There is room for storage on the bottom left and his access door is on the bottom right. His litter box also has a door that opens for easy cleaning. The top floor is his sleeping room. The middle floor is a play area and the bottom floor has litter box food and water
His favorite toy is the plastic ball with a bell in the middle. It's made for bunnies and I got it at petco. It has holes all around it and he grabs it and tries to throw it. He also pushes it around his cage. The hanging toys are actually parakeet chew toys. They are made of twine and wood and have bells to make noise!
Your cage is amazing!

I'm in the process of constructing one, and I have a question. Is that white platform next to the water bottle in this picture an extra step for Puppy to help him get to the second level? If so, could you please tell me what it is and where I could possibly get one?
That white platform is a corner perch for small animals. I bought it from petsmart when he had a store bought cage. I don't have it in his current cage anymore. He doesn't need it to get from one level to another - he just jumps now.

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