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Porky and Wilber's Condo in the Sky

Porky and Wilber's Condo in the Sky - Guinea Pig Cages

Black Cube Rack and pellet bowl from Bed bath and beyond-19.00, 2 sheet corplast 14.00, 2 water bottles 10$, 2 cozys from ebay luvmybirdz 24.00, The pigs love the cozys. Carrot plate from my kitchen free,
they get 2 a-day. I am still looking for the right hay rack. This sits on 4 - 19" plastic file
In that cage configuration it was a little steep but it has carpet on it so it was no problem for them. I have a second post here as well. That ramp was relocated and the cage made a little larger. search "locoman" and my second post will show a better cage configuration. Currently I am working on a 3rd level for them so they can sit at the window that is just above the cage. Thanks for the ratings all ! Any questions just ask.
i like it but there is no room between the ramp and the cage!!!But you said they can get up...do they go from the side???very lovely cage though!!
Very neat,tidy and attractive cage. If you are still looking for a hayrack, they have some available for purchase on the CavyCage order site (https://www.guineapigzone.com) for $8 each. Since they are off the site, they are probably made to fit the grids and would make a nice,cheap hay rack! :)
Hope this helps!

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