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Poofy eating some hay
Princess Aurora

Poofy eating some hay - Guinea Pig Cages

Poofy is just a pig piggie ^^ she doesn't stop eating the entire day through, and she made her best to get that single special piece of hay up there! lol
Thanks for your comment, newpiggiemommy lol

No, she just stands on that hay rack to try to get one piece of hay she wants so badly but she can't reach hehe! Or sometimes, she or the other piggies stand in the border of that box with her little hands in the edge and from there they can reach the hay rack ;)
Thanks for your comments.

The name Poofy is because she is very stinky actually lol
I don't care, I love to grab her in front of me, to smell her and tell her "Poofy!! why are you so stinky, you little smelly hairy thing??" and she looks at me like "what? what have I done wrong now mommy?" Awwwwwwww! come here muah!!

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