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Playground for Punkin & Patches

Playground for Punkin & Patches - Guinea Pig Cages

My 8 yo. son and I just completed our masterpiece for our two new piggies. We love the ideas you all posted, so thanks a bunch!
Awesome, one of the best I have seen on here. I love how you used bent grids to make the ramp safe, excellent job!!!
Thanks guys! You made my son very happy with your comments. It was his idea to put the bent grids on the ramp, so he's pleased with the rating!

Oh, and you should see Patches zoomin' all over the cage! He's crazy!! Jumpin' up and down; running up and down the ramp and runnin' laps around the cage...

Punkin just sits and looks at Patches like he's totally twisted.

Thanks again!

Char & Blake
Awww thats great. Let your son know he would be great at helping people design safe cages for their piggers. His idea was awesome, good job!!
It's standing on three cubes (which double as storage bins for the supplies). Hubby says he's more comfortable with it up off the floor; we have had mice in the past and would hate to attract uninvited guests to eat the piggies' food and drink the water!

Thanks for the compliment. My son is grinning (toothlessly) from ear to ear!


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