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Piggy Palace Far View

Piggy Palace Far View - Guinea Pig Cages

Here you can see how the cage looks like in my room.
That is great!!!!! I love how you folded the coroplast so the ramp can go down!
I love it! Must be easy to clean too. I'm in here searching for new ideas for my cage. I need an upgrade with our new additions.
Wow! Were about to paint my room soon, and were moving piggies into the office room, and I think I will build something like this for my piggers while they're in there. Maybe a 2x4 with two levels, hmm...
This cage looks wonderful, but definately looks like a real pain to clean out?!
Very nice! I've been looking to redesign my cage (may be adopting a cat soon) and this just might be my solution :)

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