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Piggy in a fish!

Piggy in a fish! - Guinea Pig Cages

I got this from a pet store and my pigs love it! I put a washcloth inside because they love to do their business in it! so I can remove all their little presents easily
So cute! After seeing pictures of the fish cozy I had to buy one myself! The piggies love it, they all fight over it though. I'll have to get another one!
I have seen photos of this fishy around, and just had to get my boys one. I ordered one off the internet, and it was just delivered today. I'm waiting for their C&C cage to arrive before giving it to them, though. Can't wait! Bear, the one that is anti-social most of the time and loves to have things to hide in, is probably going to go nuts over this fish. But I'll probably be putting a towel inside of it, too, because he's quite messy with his bathroom habits, and goes wherever, and whenever, he wants to, and a lot of it, too. So I will definately need something on the bottom. Can't wait to give it to them, though!!
Oh he will love it!!!! Everything I've heard about this fish has been good things!! the piggies love it!!
Man, this fish is big!! I was worried that it was going to be too small for my "big-boned" Bear to fit his rear through, but the opening is nice and big, he should get in there just fine. So glad I got it, it's so hard to wait until I get their new cage Monday, though, lol.
I have the same cozy and my babies LOVE it!!!!! Priscilla can stay in it for hours. I have to practically pour her out or she would never come out.

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