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Piggy bed!

Piggy bed!

Bought a dolls bed from IKEA (I'm sure i saw a picturee of one here somewhere before), and 'piggy-proofed' it! First, I made a coroplast 'liner' so that pee won't soak into the wood from above. Using the board provided as a base, I measured slightly larger all round - longer at the back, and made
I only set up the bed today - and underneath it has proven a real hit! I have seen both Marble and Emm lounging ontop so far, though the likelihood of catching them all lined up out of choice is remote to say the least!
Awww thanks!

I have been putting a small glass ramekin jar under each leg of the bed, to stop any penetrating pee! Underneath it is their favorite place to snuggle!
I was actually looking for that bed ever since I saw it as a dolls bed at my daughters preschool. This is a cute idea too! Where abouts in ikea did you find it, cause I cant

just found it haha
Awww thats sooo cute ! What are all your piggies names ? I want more piggies but im not allowed do you think my 3x4 cage could house 3 or 4 piggies or would that be pushing it ? I think were the only two people on this site from scotland hehe !

Thanks !
Hi Emma! I just commented on your new cage!

My piggies names are Mary, Marble, Emm and Mellow (in order from left to right in the pic). I saw your 3 x 4, I love 3 x cages, there is so much more room than in a 2 x cage!

When I adopted Mellow and Emm, I extended Mary and Marble's 3 x 4, so the 4 girls now all share a 3 x 5. The 3 x 4 had a 1 x 4 loft, which now leads into a 2 x 3 hay loft area. Whilst a 3 x 4 is certainly lovely and roomy for 2, I personally would want to extend for 3 or 4 pigs. The homepage chart though shows that for 4 girls, a 2 x 6 is the minimum size. That makes 12 grids square, which is equivalent to your 3 x 4, but bigger is definitely better! If one piggy wants to be ldft alone, it is good for there to be a quiet place - that is where a second level is a great idea. You could think about it!

Have you had a look at the forum? There is a dedicated UK section. There are certainly 4 Scottish regulars there! You would be very welcome to come and boost the clan!!! :)
Thanks again for all your advice ! When I had my 4x2 I had a loft but it looked dead cramped with the ramp and everything so I took it down ! Do you think a 4x4 with a 1x4 loft would be big enougs for 4 piggies ?

Thanks again !
Jarbax - that last post was sooooo confusing to me ahahahhahaa I can't stop laughing ROFL

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