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Piggie Palace

Piggie Palace

Interesting layout. Is the close cage to protect them from cat or dog? If you have cats, they'll still be able to stick their paws through the grids on the top. You should switch to closet shelve like the one you use for the kitchen area.
I have lots of pets but no cats. we have got three aquariums, a bird and two dogs which is what the closed cage is for. Our Basset Beagle mix (AKA Bagel) doesn't care about the pigs one bit but our 120 pound 12 month Great Dane puppy wants to play with them and thats just a bad idea! its difficult just to get them out. Fitz William (the Dane) has to be put in his crate which is hugs and would make a cool piggy cage at 56" by 36" and 4.5' tall. I uset the shelving because I wanted to be able to open it compleatly up for simple feeding and cleaning. The rest of the cage is going to red felt which I have just finished washing and drying 5 times. they are definatly happy pigggies there cage almost doubled in size since I rescued them and they are getting felt!
I hope you mean fleece and not felt.
Dont know what the heck I was thinking lol. It is definitely fleece. I cant believe I called it felt again. I do that all the time around the house, just thought I would have caught myself while I was typing.
Great design, but I notice some of your grids may not be safe. Are they the Target grids?

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