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piggie mansion

piggie mansion

This is one of my cavy cages. It is 32 square feet and it holds 4 cavies: Snickers, Ginger bread, Cow and Goldie. I rescued all of my piggies from a rescue center. The cage floor is linoleum tile covered with fleece, and the litter box with houses and hay is made out of coroplast. The far end has
They use the small litter boxes under the fleece tent to sleep in (area where they tend to go pee) and the large coroplast box to sleep in, eat hay in, and drink water in (area where they also tend to go pee). Each day I pull out wet spots from the litter box areas and once a week I take all carefresh and aspen out and replace. They rarely pee on the tile or fleece in the middle area of their cage. They use that area to run around in. They do have a blast in there. My black and white piggie runs laps around the middle area.
Maybe he/she thought it was 10 not 1 if that makes sense. I can't see why anybody would rate this cage a 1, its safe/secure, big, looks lovely and very suitable for piggies!

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