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Piggie Mansion

Piggie Mansion - Guinea Pig Cages

I have two little ones in this cage - Peach and Daisy. There's plenty of popcorning and running laps happening all the time!
Oh my gosh!! So much space for only two piggies? They must absolutely adore you!! Not that they hadn't before or anything :)
Yeah, my husband and I got a bit out of control! He was putting it together and just kept building and building...It really is so fun watching them run around.
Very nice! I like the plaid lol! I wish fleece worked for my piggie, I'd love to get a strawberry pattern for her cage, or some other kind of fruit or veggie - banana's are her favorite right now. Don't worry, I only feed a small piece of banana every two weeks. They must love the space! Have you noticed a behavior difference with the space? Or, did you just get them?

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